5 Reasons to Choose Rollers Banners for Your Next Conference Banners


Getting noticed at a trade show or conference - amidst of sea of bustling businesses - can be a little tricky from time to time. But, what if there was a solution that was easy to design, eye-catching, and reusable?

Roller banners are a fantastic way to market your business at any event. They can be as colourful as you like and, best of all, they're easy to transport. Together, let's walk through five reasons why you'll want to use roller banners as your next set of conference banners.

1. They're Neat and Tidy

Traveling is easy with a roll-up, or pull up banners. These tidy little displays come with a lightweight stand that folds up after use.

The same goes for the banner itself. Simply roll it up when you're done, tuck it into it's carry case, and head off for dinner.

2. They're Easy to Work With

Something that folds up easily and pops into a case isn't going to give you much of a headache during installation. In many cases, you're only working with a central support beam and two feet that swivel out for balance.

3. They're Reusable

To no surprise, these banners are reusable. How many trade show tools are actually reusable? All that swag goes away. All your office supplies and marketing materials go away - except one.

You can bring your roller banner with you everywhere you go, as long as your branding and logo remain the same.

4. They're Colourful and Bright

Of course, the aim is always to catch a potential customer's eye. But, the thing about roller banners is that they tend to be eye level. They're going to be about the same height as The Average Joe and, if designed right, popping with colour.

Nowadays, you'd be hard-pressed to find a company that didn't print on high-quality HD displays. So, not only will your imagery be clear and your colors bright, but it'll also stand right in your future fan base's line of sight at your next trade show.

5. They're Durable

Pop up banners can take quite a hit. The material is extremely durable, so will be able to last through numerous indoor events and shows. Also, the material and metal base are easy to clean.

You'd be hard-pressed to actually put a rip or tear in your banner, too, given its thick quality. Still, it lacks any rigidity, given its ability to fold away and easily transport to your next stop.

Roller Conference Banners for the Win!

It really is a win - for you and your business. Roll-up conference banners come in a wide range of price points and the design options are endless. Best of all, these little guys will fold up nicely and be happy to join you at your next trade show or conference. Who doesn't want one less headache amidst all the drama that comes with conference planning?

If you need roller banners, tons of fun swag, or even a brightly coloured flag for your next event, we've got you covered here at One Stop Promotions. Together, we'll design the boldest display to get you and your company noticed. Throw in some of our best selling promotional pens, and you've got a winner all around.

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  • Lian Martin