Attract new customers with printed magnets


Attract customers with printed magnets

Why would I use a printed magnet as a promotional giveaway, how is that going to get me more business?! This is the question that may be going through your head when you read the subject of this blog.

A commonly overlooked promotional product as many have the misconception of what results printed magnets can achieve. You are no longer restricted to just a square, rectangle or circular shaped magnet (these are still available). You now have the option of custom shaped magnets, magnets with notebooks, huge magnets which can cover your whole fridge as a "fridge wrap", car magnets for temporary car branding, the options are almost endless.

For example, if you had one of our Magpads, which is a magnet with notepad attached, printed with your design you would have a product that is usefull in everyday life and also means your contact details are always within reach of your customers.

For more information on our printed magnets or any of our other promotional products please call us on 01509 501 170 or email

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  • Lian Martin