Attract new customers with printed magnets

Why would I use a printed magnet as a promotional giveaway, how is that going to get me more business?! This is the question that may be going through your head when you read the subject of this blog.
  • Lian Martin

5 Reasons to Choose Rollers Banners for Your Next Conference Banners

Getting noticed at a trade show or conference - amidst of sea of bustling businesses - can be a little tricky from time to time. But, what if there was a solution that was easy to design, eye-catching, and reusable?

Roller banners are a fantastic way to market your business at any event. They can be as colourful as you like and, best of all, they're easy to transport. Together, let's walk through five reasons why you'll want to use roller banners as your next set of conference banners.

Morning Coffee and Marketing: Here's Why Mugs Are One of the Best Promotional Items

Trying to figure out what the best promotional items for your company can be a challenge. What will your customers use and enjoy enough for your marketing message to really sink in? The question is not only what do your customers like, but what does everyone like, and the answer is coffee.

  • Lian Martin

5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Promotional Gift Pens

Approximately 80 percent of people own some kind of promotional product that they've received from a business. Of this 80 percent, 53 percent use those products at least once every week.

If you've been on the fence about handing out promotional products for your business, these statistics may have changed your mind. The key is to make sure you're handing out products people actually want to use.