Feather Flags

Feather Flags

The most popular form of portable temporary outdoor display, introducing the Feather flag! A printed flag attached to a carbon fibre flexible pole, feather flags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different base options to suit display on different ground types.

Why choose a Feather Flag

If you're looking for an outdoor display which can be both temporary or semi-permanent then look no further than a Feather Flag. These portable advertising flagpoles are great for temporary display at events and festivals or for semi-permanent display on garage or car sales forecourts.

Printed in up to full colour and available in a range of flag shapes, feather flags are a colourful and fun way to attract attention from passers by and a great way to promote your brand or event.

Want to see your design on a Feather Flag

We offer a FREE artwork visual service so if you want to see your design on a Feather Flag or any of our other flag, bunting or promotional merchandise then please get in touch on 01509 501 170 or email info@onestoppromotions.co.uk.

Different types of Feather Flag Bases

To make Feather Flags a truly versatile display, we offer a range of different bases to make sure there is a base avaialble for any ground type.

These bases are interchangable so you can swap the bases depending on what ground type you are displaying your Feather Flag on.

  • Spike base - Our most popular base for soft ground display. The spike base is a sturdy steel spike which is sunk into the ground and the Feather flag slots on top of it.
  • Water/sand fillable base - Our 32 litre water/sand fillable base is our most popular hard ground base. It has a huge water/sand capacity which gives the Feather Flag ultra stability. It also has the advantage of being very light once emptied so is easy to transport.
  • Car drive on base - This U shpaed dase allows the wheel of a car to drive on it creating a very sturdy base for your feather Flag. Very popular amongst car dealerships, racing teams and garage forecourts.
  • 18kg cement base - a very heavy correct base. If you're not going to be moving your feather flag for a while then this is the base for you.
  • Angled bracket -