Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens are probably the most sold promotional giveaway since records began. Pens printed with your logo are a cost effective way of getting your company name in front of thousands of potential customers and can perfectly compliment and contribute to an effective marketing campaign.

It's no surprise to find out that one of the big reasons that pens are so popular is their price. Pens can cost as little as 10p per pen, which is music to the ears of those who control the marketing budgets!

Pens also come in a huge range of styles so there will always be a pen which matches your requirement and budget.

Cheap printed pens are a great and useful alternative to business cards to hand out at trade shows and events. When printed full colour with your logo and contact details, they can really attract the eye, not only from your recipient but also from others in the workspace.

We don’t only offer cheap printed pens, we also have a wide range of high quality personalised pens in different styles such as ballpoint pens, fountain pens and pens pencils sets, again all available custom printed or engraved with your logo.

You can view our range of promotional pens below. If you can't find what you are looking for or would like some advice on pens to suit a budget or style, then please give us a call on 01509 501 170 or email and one of our knowledgable sales team will gladly help with your request.

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Best Selling printed pens

A selection of our best selling promotional pens, great for all budgets.

Cheap promotional pens which will fit any marketing budget

Printed Pens under 25p

If you're looking for cheap pens, then these printed pens for under 25p will be the ones for you.

Promotional pens under 50p

Printed Pens under 50p

Quality pens printed with your logo and all for under 50p per unit.

Promotional pens under £1

Printed Pens under £1

For those with a bit more in the budget, we have a broad range of pen styles all under the £1.

Promotional pens under £2

Printed Logo Pens under £2

A large range of higher quality promortional pens all available with print.

Posh promotional pens

Corporate gift pens

Really want to make an impression? High quality branded pens are perfectly suited to corporate giveaways and company pens.

Promotional pens with full colour wrap

Pens with a full colour wrap print

Pens with a full colour wrap around print make a great impression and lets you be creative with your designs..

Pens and Pencils sets

Company logo Pen Sets

Pen and pencil sets are a great corporate gift at a conference or staff incentive.

Printed pencils

Pencils printed with logo

Sometimes people just prefer a pencil. Get them printed with your logo or design.

Printed Rulers

Rulers printed with logo

Rulers printed with your brand name, logo or design.

Highlighters with printed logo

Highlighter pens printed with logo

Highlighter pens in different styles printed with your logo or design.

Branded paper products

Custom printed paper products

Paper blocks, sticky notes, memo pads all available printed with your logo and design.

The pen is a promotional giveaway heavyweight

For such a small item, promotional pens punch above their weight. Prices from as little 19p per pen, these pens can be bought in the thousands, so for very little investment you can reach thousands of potential customers.

Probably with the largest number of product variations to choose from, there is always the perfect colour, shape, style to suit your brand.

For more information about our range of promotional pens then please give us a call on 01509 501 170 or email

Top 5 reasons to use pens for your advertising & marketing

    1. Cost effective - No matter how tight your budget, there is always a pen which meets your price point. If you order 250 pens at 20p each, that's potentially 250 customers you can reach. There isn't much else that will give you that much customer reach for that price.


    1. Business card alternative - Business cards don't have the longevity factor as we get too many of them and they have no other uses. They are too easily misplaced or just thrown away. Pens with your company name, website and phone number are a great, useful alternative to business cards.


    1. Create a lasting impression - Be memorable, choose a quirky pen, a stunning full colour design, all these things can turn you pen from a cheap promotional giveaway into a memorable keepsake.


    1. Easy to be personalised - Pens are very versatile in the way that they can be personalised. Screen print, digital print and engraving are all personalisation options. If you're looking for something really unique, we can create completely bespoke pens. If this is of interest then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


    1. Useful - Pens get used in everyday life so is a great vessell to carry your company branding.


Why choose us as your supplier of promotional pens?

We have been in the promotional industry for over 35 years so we have an abundance of experience in all things promo. Excellent customer service, in-house print, production, stock warehousing and graphic design mean we can beat anyone on lead times, price, product quality & service.

Customer service is very important to us and we are proud to have achieved 5 star verified reviews on multiple review platforms. Have a look at what our customers say about us and read our 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.

Do you need a cheap giveaway or a corporate business gift?

We have literally thousands of pens to cater for all requirements and budgets. Which pen you buy is determined by what you are going to use the pen for and of course, how much money you have to spend on them.

Cheap promotional pens are perfect as a giveaway at an exhibition, event, reception areas or for when sales reps are visiting customers. Our most popular low cost promotional pen is the Contour pen, this pen is in fact the most popular promotional pen in the UK! Other favourites are the Senator super hit and the Lantern pen, all these pens are available printed with your company logo.

If you’re looking for a high end pen to use as a gift to corporate clients, staff rewards or even as a resale item then we have pens from well known pen brand names such as Waterman pens, Parker pens & Pierre Cardin which can all be personalised with a laser engraved logo or laser engraved personalisation such as an employee name. High value personalised pens are a great business gift to give out to those customers who you want to impress or just as a thank you for their support.

We don't just print pens

Pens are just a small selection of products that we can imprint with your company logo. Mugs, clothing, flags, bunting, bags & sports bottles are just some of the other items that are available printed with your company logo or slogan.

A pen is often a small part of a much larger marketing campaign and is often bought alongside a notebook or a mug for example. When bought together, these items create a perfect gift pack such as employee onboarding packs, car dealer handover boxes or welcome packs to new members at your gym.

What's your pen type? Chunky, stick, push, click or retractable pens?

Are you a button pusher, a clicker or a twister? Do you prefer a chunky pen to write with or a stick pen? Who would have thought buying a pen could be so complicated with all these different options!

We are chunky pen fans here at One Stop HQ so one of our favourite pens is the Contour pen, which is available in all manner of barrel and grip colour variations.

Get more for your money with multifunction pens

If you want a bit more functionality for your money then we doe pens which are more than just pens. Highlighter pens, fidget spinner pens and even a pen with hand sanitiser attached to it! Some of the most popular multifunction pens are those with a stylus, very important in this day and age of the smart phone.

Our best selling stylus pen is the Electra, which is available in a range of colours and barrel finishes, including our favourite matte finish barrel.

The different pen personalisation techniques

    • Screen printed - Probably the most common form of personalisation on a pen. The screen print technique is found on the lower priced pens and is chargeable by the colour as each new colour requires a new screen to be made, which is why screen printed pens are generally for 1 colour logo's and designs.. A mesh screen with your design is created and the ink is then applied through that screen and onto your pen.


    • Digital print - Now becoming more and more popular. A digital printed pen is just that. Your design, digitally printed directly to the pen. The huge advantage of digital print over any other personalisation technique is that it allows a full colour design onto a pen without any additional colour charges.


    • Laser Engraved - This personalisation technique is normally reserved for the higher end pens and for logo's with very fine detail. Laser engraving is capable of millimeter and crisp sharp edges on your design.


Need smaller quantities of pens?

This may be your first time dipping your feet into the promotional pen market so buying thousands may not be an option for you. We have a range of pens with low minimum order quantities for those who only need small amounts to start off with.

Some of our premium range of pens are available with a minimum order quantity of just one which means they are perfect for a personalised gift.

Eco friendly company logo pens

The environment is constantly in the news and quite rightly so. Our range of eco friendly pens are made from recycled materials. We have a huge range of eco friendly promotional products so if you would like to see the full range then please get in touch.

Branded pens for marketing that lasts!

As a pen is a very useful item and used everyday so is not something that someone would receive and then throw away, The chances are that if you look in your desk drawer you will find some pens your received at your last exhibition or hotel stay that you have kept because you have felt that you would have a use for it.

When looking for promo items, one of the most important things to consider is, is the product useful or will it get thrown out with the trash? Pens fulfil the most important rule of promo and that is usefulness. Kept in a car, laptop bag, office desk or attached to a calendar, your printed pen can often save the day when your customers are in need of a writing instrument.

Just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean a printed pen that you give out for free isn’t going to last long. Depending on usage, pens can last years. There’s not many other products that can potentially deliver you years of advertising for less than 50p per unit.

  • Q. How quickly can you deliver pens?

    A. The majority of our pen range is available on a standard 5 to 10 working day lead time but as with any of our promotional products, if you do need them quicker for an event then we can print much faster. Have a look at our Express delivery options for promotional products printed and delivered within 24 hours!

  • Q. Do you stock your own pens?

    A. As we have thousands of pen styles to choose from, it would be impossible to store them all so we only keep a few ranges in our warehouse. All our other ranges of pens are from our trusted UK supplier network who stock pens in their UK based warehouses.

  • Q. Have you got an Eco-friendly or recycled pens?

    A. Yes we do. We have Bamboo pens, wheatstraw pens and pens made from recycled materials.

  • Q. Do you offer an artwork service?

    A. Yes we do, so if you would like to see a visual of your logo on a pen before you buy or need some help with designing then please get in touch and our on-site graphic design department will help.

  • Q. Do you send digital proofs of pens before printing?

    A. As a rule, we always send a digital proof for your approval on any print work we do. This helps pick up any small errors and also gives you piece of mind that you are getting what you want.

  • Q. How many colours can I get my pen printed?

    A. This depends on the pen you are buying. Some pens are only available in a 1 colour print whereas others can have a full colour digital print around the whole barrel. Please call us on 01509 501 170 to discuss which print options you have on your chosen pen.

  • Q. How do I send you me pen artwork?

    A. You can email in your artwork or use the artwork upload button available on the website. If you’re artwork is over 10mb then please use a file transfer service such as wetransfer or dropbox.

  • Q. What is origination?

    A. On some pens it is necessary to charge an origination charge. This charge is to create a physical artwork screen which is then used to apply your design onto the pen.