Flags & Flagpoles

Feather Flags

Feather Flags

A popular style of advertising flags available in a range of sizes, finishes & base options.

Custom printed bunting

Custom Printed Bunting

Printed bunting is a fantastic low cost way to promote and event, sale, exhibition or your company brand.

Printed Flags with your logo or design

Custom Printed Flags

Printed flags custom made and finished in the UK with your design or logo.

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags & Flying Banners

Lightweight, portable, advertising flagpole suitable for hard and soft ground types.

Ground Flagpoles

Ground mounted Flagpoles

If you're looking for a more permanent flagpole for your home or business premises.

Printed Flags with your logo or design

Ceremonial Flagpoles

Traditional Ceremonial Flagpoles, perfect for Embassies, High Commissions and Reception areas.

Portable Flagpoles

Portable & Telescopic Flagpoles

A selection of temporary flagpoles from ground mounted to wall and handheld flagpoles.

National and International Flags

National & International Flags

Flags of all nations available in a range of sizes, qualities & finishes.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are the number one product for portable outdoor advertising displays! Very popular in the car industry for promoting sales, new car registration releases, MOT's and services but also popular in other industries where there is a need for an outdoor display which can handle all weathers.

Available with a range of bases, they are very versatile on where they can be displayed. Spike bases for soft ground, a bracket for display on walls or water/sand fillable bases for display on hard ground.

Feather flags are also available in different flag shapes to suit your branding or personal preference. One of the more popular flag shapes is the teardrop style flag.

Printed Flags

When you think flag you will probably think of a National flag such as the Union. Flags used for company promotion may not be the first thought that enters your mind when you think flags but they are being used more and more.

A company logo flag displayed outside your premises acts both as a great tool for promoting your brand and as a marker so people know where your business is.

Flags can be printed with almost anything so it could be as simple as a company logo or you can have a full colour design printed for a sepcial event, occasion or sports match.

Printed Bunting

Printed bunting, national flag bunting, colourful bunting, there are all sorts of styles, shapes, colours of bunting so you can let you creativity and imagination run wild!

Printed bunting is very popular for promoting events such as sales, events, exhibitions or for seasonal decorations such as halloween, Christmas, Easter or it can be used as a decoartion around your stand at an event or exhibition.

In recent years, printed bunting has been used in town centres to celebrate special occasions such as The Queen's Platinum Jubilee or the Euro 2020 football championships.

Personalised bunting comes in a few different forms but they can be separated into two different areas. Bunting for indoor display and bunting for outdoor display.


Flagpoles are broken down into two areas. Flagpoles for residential display and flagpoles for display outside a business premises. Most commonly used as a "flagpole for the home" are our range of value flagpoles. They are a sectional aluminium flagpole and range in height from 3.6 metres to 6 metres. Very easy to install and has all the usual features you should find on a flagpole (Finial, halyard to raise and lower the flag etc).

Our range of flagpoles for the corporate or house builder industries are our range of deluxe flagpoles and fibreglass flagpoles. These flagpoles are larger in diameter and come in either one or two pieces making them just that bit stronger and they also have the option of coming with rotating arms and internal halyard systems.

Portable Advertising Flagpoles

There are occasions when you need something temporary to promote your business at a weekend event or exhibition, that is where portable advertising flagpoles come in. Designed to be displayed temporarily, stored and transported easily, these flagpoles are perfect for festivals, outdoor exhibtions and sporting events.

Ceremonial Flagpoles

We've all seen Ceremonial flagpoles before, although you may not know it. Ceremonial Flagpoles were the type of flagpole which was on display behind Boris Johnson when the nation watched his television updates during the Covid pandemic. Ceremonial flagpoles are most commonly used in embassies, reception areas or for display behind the Prime Minister during a television broadcast.