The Best Promotional Pens: The Ultimate Swag Bag Gift


The Best Promotional Pens: The Ultimate Swag Bag Gift

While it's easy to underestimate the importance of meet-and-greets and human connection in the era of online marketing, this can be a mistake to budding companies. In fact, 84% of company leaders believe in-person events such as conferences and conventions to be one of the most important components in their business's success.

If you're aiming to get your business's name out there, there are a huge number of options. One of the best, though, is assembling a swag bag with various items including the best promotional pens on the market. After all, everyone likes to be given gifts, and when people use those that you give them they're sure to think about your business.

Read on to learn why promotional product pens are an excellent idea for promoting your business and find out all the options you'll have to choose from when customising.

Why Are Promotional Pens Great?

There are a lot of options for promotional items out there, so you may be wondering why custom promo pens stand out from the rest of your choices. Read on to answer this question and learn why pens are a crucial component in any swag bag!

They're Inexpensive

In order for an item to be effective at marketing, it needs to be inexpensive. After all, the end goal of any business is to make money, and you can't do that if you're putting every dollar into promoting your business at marketing fairs and events. Rather, you need to spend enough that you'll give people something to remember you by while still being able to funnel the money they pay you back into your business.

You can get cheap custom pens for less than 25p. While there are slightly more expensive and durable options for 50p upwards, buying these 25p pens in bulk is a great place to begin your marketing efforts.

They're Useful

When people go to a fair, conference, or convention like the one you'll be promoting your business at, they'll be given a lot of promotional gifts. People will inevitably begin to throw items that they don't believe useful into the rubbish bin, particularly flyers and useless accessories. For this reason, you'll want to make sure that your promotional products are useful.

Everyone can use pens. This is especially the case for those in business, but there's no reason that any adult would throw a pen away. From writing grocery lists to take to the local Tesco to recording information conveyed over the phone, writing instruments are an important aspect of everyone's life.

They're Eye-Catching

When people use pens that have your business logo on them, they'll constantly be reminded of the services you provide. This means that the next time they need a service similar to yours, it's likely that they'll think of your business before your competitors.

They're also likely to carry your pens to other venues. People tend to carry cheap pens with them to other locations such as banks, grocery stores, and places where they think they'll need to take notes or sign documents. This means that other people at the venues people bring their pen to will see your name and logo, getting your name out there further.

They're Customisable

Speaking of getting your name out there, cheap pens are also customisable. You can include your flashy business logo on them to ensure that they draw the eyes of those who look at them. Pens are also available in a variety of colours so that you can select one that your logo stands out on.

In addition to your logo, consider adding your business name to your customisable pens. This will get people to associate your business name with your logo and help you begin to build brand awareness and loyalty.

They Come in Many Varieties

Promotional pens also come in many varieties. If you want to buy in bulk, that's an excellent way to ensure that you get the best prices on the market. However, there are also pens that you can buy with no minimum purchase number. You can therefore get small amounts of pens in different varieties and allow people at your venue to choose their favourites! This is a great strategy because it shows that you value their tastes and opinions.

What Types of Promotional Pens Are There?

We've touched on the fact that promotional pens come in many varieties, but what types of promotional pens are out there? That's what we're going to discuss here. Read on to learn about the promotional pens that you can buy at an affordable price from our online store!

Sale Pens

While our least expensive pens are the 25p ones we discussed earlier, we also have other varieties of sale pens. For less than 50p, you can purchase pens that have a slightly softer grip than our hard plastic 25p ones. For only one quid, you can get with more digital art printed all around them rather than just one logo. Two quid will get you a patterned matt pen that has a unique texture and strong grip.

Full Colour Wrap Pens

Full-colour wrap pens are also the perfect accessory to add to swag bags. These come in multiple colours and have a differently-coloured soft grip from the rest of the pen. Some wrap pens even have a highlighter on the other side of the pen, too. Needless to say, this maximizes their utility since it allows them to perform more functions.

Posh Pens

Posh pens are really interesting because they're so high-quality. We take pens from reputable brands such as Sheaffer, Parker, and Cross and allow you to customise them to the fullest extent. They're made of the same quality metals and materials as those you would buy for higher prices at an office supply store or bookshop.

They cost quite a bit extra, so they may not be the pens that you give out as part of your swag bag. However, consider making them prizes in a fun raffle or engaging people in a spin-the-wheel game that they're the winning prize for. This is a fun and interesting way to draw people to your business table and give out your free promo pens!

Marker Pens

You can get permanent or dry wipe marker pens off our website in addition to regular ball-point ones. This is a good second addition to your swag pack as most businesses use both whiteboards and permanent documents that need signing. People will have more useful keepsakes with your brand name on them if you give marker pens out in your swag bag along with other items.

How To Incorporate Pens in a Swag Bag

There are a lot of ways you can put together an amazing swag bag that people are sure to love. A few great swag bag ideas that centre around pens also include highlighters and mini-notebooks. You can pair your customisable pens with notepads made in similar colours, all featuring your logo. People will love this idea because they'll have a matching set of stationery. Plus, if you do a good job designing them, they're sure to be adorable.

Include one or two cheap pens and a slightly more expensive marker pen to write in this notepad with. Another popular item for swag bags is a stress ball, which is a great way for a person to relax their hand muscles after writing in their notepad. If anyone asks, you can answer that way! Better yet, a small note could be included within the bag explaining this.

Finally, you'll want to customise the bag itself. Small string backpacks can be customized to include your logo or information. Consider adding your phone number or email address to the bag, too, since people will see (and constantly show off) the large print.

Get the Best Promotional Pens

While creating a swag pack that stuns your audience can be a challenge, it's made much easier when you incorporate the best promotional pens. These pens are useful and eye-catching as well as being affordable and versatile. You can get them in a huge number of shapes, sizes, and colours, so why wait? Get building your swag pack now and ensure that you have amazing promotional gifts for your next event!

Now that you know why promotional pens are amazing, it's time to purchase some. Click here to shop for our most popular promotional pen products. No matter what your price range or aesthetic vision is like, we've got you covered.

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