Morning Coffee and Marketing: Here's Why Mugs Are One of the Best Promotional Items

Morning Coffee and Marketing: Here's Why Mugs Are One of the Best Promotional Items

Here's Why Mugs Are One of the Best Promotional Items for Marketing

Trying to figure out what the best promotional items for your company can be a challenge. What will your customers use and enjoy enough for your marketing message to really sink in? The question is not only what do your customers like, but what does everyone like, and the answer is coffee.

Getting branded coffee cups can be a fantastic way to ensure your logo makes it in front of customers’ eyes day after day. Customized mugs outlast almost any other promotional product other than branded clothing and get used again and again.

Read on to learn more about the benefits promotional coffee mugs can offer your business.

Most People Have (and Use) Them

It may surprise you to learn that coffee mugs are the single most-owned promotional product in the U.K. More than half of British consumers own promotional drinkware, and half of those people use that drinkware two or three times a week. If you can think of an advertisement that gets more repeated impressions than that, we’d love to hear about it.

They Provide Value

There’s a theory in marketing that if you give your potential customers something of value, they’ll be more likely to spend money with you. So sure, you could do a promotional keychain or bookmark that your customers are going to lose a week from now, or you could give them a coffee cup which they’ll use and value for years to come; which would you prefer?

They Have Positive Associations

When you’re trying to wake up in the morning and that first sip of your coffee hits your tongue, chances are it’s the most intensely happy you are all day. Your customers feel the same, and what if you could associate your brand with that rush of joy? Having a branded coffee cup will tie your business to your customers’ experience of getting that amazing first sip of coffee.

They Last Forever

One of the best things about promotional coffee cups is they last far longer than most marketing products. Cheap pedometers break down, flyers get tossed, emails get deleted, and stickers get washed. But coffee cups stay around in cabinets for years, keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Get the Best Promotional Items

When you’re looking for the best promotional items, it’s hard to beat branded coffee mugs. Your customers will use them frequently for years, doing more to promote your brand than any bumper sticker ever could. Order some branded coffee mugs, start handing them out to customers, and watch as the sales numbers start ticking up.

If you’d like to find the best promotional items for your business, check out the rest of our site at One Stop Promotions. We have pens, bags, clothing, notebooks, and even umbrellas available for branding. Check out our options for mugs and bottles and get marketing today.

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  • Lian Martin