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Large deluxe Jute bag

Large Jute bags

Prices from £1.99
Luxury small Jute bag

Luxury small Jute bags

Prices from £1.80
Luxury Jute bag

Luxury Jute bags

Prices from £1.88
Small Jute bag

Small Jute bag

Prices from £1.13
Big shopper

Big Shopper

Prices from £1.05

Send out a green message with Jute bags, a product which is both useful and Eco Friendly

Every so often a product gets released and creates a real buzz within the promotional industry and Jute bags are just that! Manufactured from ethically sourced and sustainable jute fibre it has become one of the most popular eco friendly promotional products on sale today and is truly a “bag for life”. Jute bags have become so popular that Jute has now become the second most sought after natural fibre after cotton. With the worlds landfills overwhelmed by wasteful and harmful plastic and paper bags, jute bags are an ideal replacement as they can be reused over and over again.