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How we create your custom printed Deckchairs

  • After you have placed your order and submitted us print ready artwork the sales team take your order and artwork downstairs to our print team.
  • The print team print the deckchairs in two different ways, depending and quantity ordered.
  • If you have ordered a large quantity of deckchairs then the print team print a roll of high quality transfers, which are then heat transferred to a blank deckchair canvas.
  • Alternatively if you have ordered a small quantity of custom printed deckchairs we then print directly onto the blank deckchair canvas, using our state of the art digital printers.
  • After allowing the ink / transfer to dry or cool the canvas is then taken through to the finishing team.
  • Please note: There is little to no difference between the print quality and transfer quality of our deckchairs.
  • The finishing team then collate the printed canvas with a deckchair frame.
  • After attaching the printed canvas to the deckchair frame, the finishing team then pass the deckchair onto our dispatch team.
  • The dispatch team then add your deckchair to their dispatch system, box the item up, and hand over the box to our courier, ready to be delivered to you.

Our In-house Print Room

One Stop Promotions Print Room

Deckchair Frame

One Stop Promotions Deckchair Frame in Finishing Room

Finished Deckchair

Finished Deckchair

Printed Canvas

Custom Printed Deckchair Canvas